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glitterness's Journal

julie bob osbourne
21 September
80's music, a dating story, a makeover story, a walk to remember, accents, aol, as told by ginger, back to the future, bath and body works, being crazy, being stupid, benji madden, black lights, bob the tomato, bubble wrap, candy, capture the flag, cedar point, center stage, chex mix, chillin, classic rock, clearwater crossing books, clueless, count blah, coyote ugly, crash bandicoot, creed, derek jeter, donkey kong country 3, dreaming, drummer guys, family matters, firedriver, full house, funny guys, good charlotte, growing pains, guitars, guys with nice arms, guys with spikey hair, having fun, hot guys, house arrest, i love lucy, jake, joel madden, jokes, josie and the pussycats, karaoke with friends, kelly clarkson, kenan and kel, kickin it, lazer quest, lazer tag, legally blonde, lincoln brewster, love, m&m's, mandy moore, mary-kate and ashley movies, memories, michelle branch, mtv, my pets, neon signs, nickelodion, o-town, old nickelodion, oldies, one life to live, open feilds, piano, plastic bubbles, popcorn, punk, remembering things, rocko's modern life, runaway bride, salute your shorts, save the last dance, scott evil, seeing people fall, self inflating whoopi cushions, shane west, shiny things, shy guys, skater guys, so little time, soap opera's, spongebob, spyro the dragon, step by step, steve urkel, sweet guys, switchfoot, tae-bo, tardy, target, the faculty, the mall, the new guy, the radio, the sims, the wedding planner, toy story 2, tv, veggie tales, walks, where the heart is, yoshi